Bea is great to work with. She came to us with a wealth of creativity and a great knowledge of how to spread awareness of our brand through social media. Then, as we grew and asked her to change the focus of our posts from just food shots at our stores to outdoor active type shots of our food, she didn’t skip a beat. She produced creative shots at the beach, at the ledge of a bridge, etc… She also helped us to find, book, and manage brand ambassadors who would promote our brand periodically. She would be an asset to anyone who is looking for social media management services.
— Dave Lazarro, Senior Marketing Manager, Paris Baguette
Interactive agents provided us with piece of mind that our social media platforms were in good hands. Completely satisfied with their creativity, planning, and execution of all design creative and social media strategy.
— Matthew Martinez, VP Marketing, WaBa Grill
Bea is one of my favorite people in the social media industry. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she’s a joy to work with too. She was able to get a massive amount of people engaged with our social pages, and she always creates the most fun and compelling posts. Not only is Bea wonderful at social media, but she has many other useful talents too. She found us some very targeted influencers to promote our brand, and hooked us up with a PR gig that kept our social pages fresh and interesting.
— Lisa Boccuti, Tyent USA
Bea has been a pleasure to work with and is an expert in the social media arena. She is dedicated to her clients and works hard to achieve the client’s desired goals. I highly recommend her services.
— Mary Anne Reyes, Colonial Wine Bar
We have had the pleasure of working with Interactive Agents and have enjoyed their work ethic, their expertise and affordability in the ever competitive Social Media Market.  They’ve successfully help many of our franchise owners realize the need for Social Media and have helped them to build their fan base and attract customers to their locations. We’d recommend Interactive Agents for all of your Social Media needs!
— David Isbell, Sansai Fresh Grill & Sushi
We hired IA to help us launch and introduce our brand to the online community in a big way with a unique content strategy plan, while creating a brand image that resonated with our demo (male 15-25). IA not only reached this goal but created a unique image utilizing part of our story’s accessory (a gas mask) as The Bunker Experience’s signature branding. This was a huge hit, we were able to reach a massive audience. Interactive Agents with the leadership of Bea, was able to make us the industry leaders in our space. On top of that, they are a true pleasure to work with, they respond right away, great attitude completely professional. Highly recommend them for any brand!
— C. Bjornbak, The Bunker Experience
RCC Group has employed the services of Interactive Agents on many occasions, preferring them to other similar social media firms. We have recommended them to many of our clientele with nothing but outstanding reaction across the board. I would have to say the common denominator that breaks them from the pack, is that they take time to understand our client’s business, along with their long and short-term goal analysis.
The owner Bea Egeto seems to have the ability to constantly think outside the box as well as inside; coupled with a deft sense of current marketing curves in an old school manner. Bea is always a pleasure to work with and makes our life easy and always delivers. We will continue to refer her business to our clientele and highly recommend her services.
— C.H. Colvill, RCC Restaurant Concept Consulting
Bea has the expertise that my company needed in social media management. We really have the knowledge and passion for what we do, skin care products, but sometimes the marketing part and the social media needs to be done by the experts! People spend a lot of time on the social media pages and that’s why we hired someone like Bea. It was very nice to work with her!
— Marines Adrianza, Pyur
Bea was a great voice for my company. She was organized and diligent and able to focus different campaign so that we were able to achieve our goals. We had a great success with our Twitter campaign and drastically expanded our Twitter outreach!
— Arianne Goodman, Gears & Grapes Getaways, INC